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Meta glasses present ‘augmented reality’

"It elicits this very magical effect where you could literally place holograms on the real world, reach out and touch them with your hands," said Meron Gribetz, Meta founder and CEO.

Gribetz, 28, is the brains behind the technology. Originally from Israel, he moved to the United States seven years ago to study computer science and neuroscience at Columbia University.

As a student, he began contemplating what the next computer could be.

"All I knew was that I wanted an infinite computer screen, and I wanted to be able to touch holograms and stick them on parts of the real world," he said.

Gribetz launched the company in December 2012 and moved to California with help from Y Combinator, which helps fund and nurture promising tech startups.

He now lives and works with 25 employees in a Los Altos mansion overlooking Silicon Valley and has four other properties where employees sleep at night.

"We all live together, work together, eat together," he said. "At certain key points of the year we have mattresses lined all around the living room."

It’s not a typical work environment, but what Gribetz is creating is far from ordinary.

He believes Meta glasses could change computing as we know
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"The fundamental game changer that we’re bringing to the table is this application that allows you to take your phone, tablet and soon personal computer and project them in 3 D
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If this happens, it could usher in the next generation of computing using your hands and a pair of glasses. He believes the potential applications are endless.

"We’ve had surgeons apply for this because they want to be able to perform surgery while seeing a 3 D CAT scan," Gribetz said. "We’ve had architects apply for this because they want to be able to build houses with their hands collaboratively."

Eventually, Gribetz says, the glasses could also be used for 3 D Skype sessions.

"You could actually put on these glasses and see a 3 D render of your mother from all the way across the country in New York sitting on the chair in your room here in California," he said.

The first version of the glasses, a developer edition, is selling for around $700. The glasses are set to be delivered in December, Gribetz said.

Meta is also creating 3 D apps that range from virtual Lego to surgery applications. But soon developers from around the world will have a chance to weigh in.

"We’re going to start off by perfecting five or six applications that showcase the differences from other form factors," Gribetz said. "But soon thereafter we’re going to open this up to developers worldwide, and they’re going to come up with things that we couldn’t even imagine."

In a demonstration video provided by Meta, a woman uses the glasses to sculpt a virtual vase with her fingers before printing it in 3 D, while others play chess on a virtual board.

So how does the technology work?

"The glasses are . a two part system. The first is a 3 D
cheap ray bans output display that’s built with a stereoscopic pair of see through augmented reality glasses. The 3 D output display allows you to see the holograms in 3 D," Gribetz said. "The 3 D scanner scans your environment and tells the computer where to place the 3 D graphics relative to the user and the world."

Unlike Google’s rival Glass eyewear, which has a smaller screen and is primarily controlled by your voice, Meta glasses could have the potential for an infinite screen controlled by your hands.

"Google is going to take one category of wearable computing, the notification machine," Gribetz said. "Meta is a graphical solution that’s going to allow people to build ‘Iron Man’ like interfaces and interact with digital information in a much more natural way graphically."

Until then, there are some limitations. The first version can only be used indoors. The company also is working on increasing the field of view, improving latency issues and making the glasses smaller and less bulky. Within two years, Gribetz says, the glasses will be as sleek as a pair of Ray Bans.

But stylish specs with built in computer technology do raise the inevitable questions about privacy.

"I’m highly concerned with those issues. . I have a fundamental belief that when you and I are talking and you’re recording information about me, I should know about it," Gribetz said. "There will be an LED
discount ray bans light indicating that you’re being recorded if that’s the situation."

If Gribetz has his way, hardware like the desktop computer, keyboard and mouse could soon be a thing of the past.Articles Connexes:

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No rest for weary crews at Westover Air Reserve Base

Air Force C 5 Galaxy aircraft. Phoenix Management Inc. has the contract to keep the runways and the aircraft parking areas clear of snow.

Their mission involves much more than pushing snow into piles. Art Herring, supervisor of roads and grounds, said they were required to keep the flight area cleared down to bare pavement. Crews were pushing snow into rows Monday, where massive snow blowers then transferred the snow into a line of waiting dump trucks. Those dump trucks then took the snow to another part of the airfield where the snow was dumped. More
replica ray bans snow blowers blew the snow into a field.

Because the C 5 aircraft are
fake ray bans so large, no snow is allowed to be piled more than 3 feet high anywhere on the airfield.

Special ice melting chemicals were also being employed because rock salt is corrosive to the aircraft.

A crew of more than 30 has been working nearly non
replica ray ban sunglasses stop for weeks, putting in several 19 hour days. Several workers have put in close to 100 hours of
discount ray bans overtime in the past two weeks.

With more snow in the forecast, Herring said he expected they would be cleaning up for another week.

Once snow removal was complete on the airfield, Herring said his crews would be clearing snow from the rest of the base.

Real Property Maintenance Manager Dan Van Dalsen said his crew works very hard because they understand the mission. He said PMI hires a lot of former military members. Many of them, including himself, are former Air Force veterans.Articles Connexes:

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Neighbors play a role in major drug raid

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WSHM) Valenze and her neighbors have been fed up with
replica ray bans the alleged house on West Alvord Street for years, calling it a sore spot where people would come and go at all hours.But police call it a "heroin empire" and Thursday they carried out a raid that was months in the making.Valenze watched it all from her home right across the street."We saw the vehicles descend from both ends of our street . guns were drawn, it was a little nerve wracking, out with your hands up, and four people were
discount ray bans up on the second floor porch with their hands in the air," she said.She and her husband say within minutes, law enforcement had people in cuffs and the situation under control."It was a very efficient operation and no one got hurt which is always good," said her husband, David Valenze.Nine people were arrested, Springfield police say they known offenders.Police pulled 1,000 bags of heroin, two guns and 100 rounds of ammo from the house."That makes one stop and take a very deep breath and be very thankful that it never ventured
discount ray bans across the street," Kristie Valenze said.Police say raids like this are successful because of responsible neighbors."If you guys are giving us information about drug houses on your street, trust me, we get to them and we conduct those raids," said Sgt. John Delaney, of the Springfield Police Department.Kristie Valenze says her neighbors appreciate it more than they know."Several folks stopped and as they were driving by said to the officers you carried out another raid in East Springfield Friday morning and arrested two more people from a home on Redlands Street.They confiscated
cheap ray ban outlet nearly 200 bags of heroin and a gun from that home. detention centerChurch shooting suspect locked up at Charleston Co. detention centerUpdated: Thursday, June 18 2015 10:01 PM EDT2015 06 19 02:01:12 GMTThe 21 year old man accused of shooting nine people at a historic downtown Charleston church has been locked up at the the Al Cannon Detention Center following his extradition from North Carolina. More >>The 21 year old man accused of shooting nine people at a historic downtown Charleston church has been locked up at the the Al Cannon Detention Center following his extradition from North Carolina. More >>"The Rock" sideswipes Massachusetts man’s car"The Rock" sideswipes Massachusetts man’s carUpdated: Tuesday, June 16 2015 8:16 PM EDT2015 06 17 00:16:58 GMTArticles Connexes:

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Heron’s Wood home is Carrigaline House of the Week

A CONSIDERED, and well implemented, side and part rear extension, is part of the description given to 8 The Oaks by its selling agent Michael O of Savills.

Carrigaline, Cork m 167 (1,800 sq ft)

Had it come for sale before the hols, it would surely have featured on many families Santa wish lists of places they like to hang their festive stockings, at the end of this year. It a fine trading up option, guided at 10 years old, No 8 is indeed a well extended home, with a rear sun room by an enlarged open plan kitchen/dining room, making for a very airy interconnected
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It was originally built about four feet deeper than the standard house plan, to the owner request, back in 2004 by obliging builders Astra Construction, and this makes the sun room/kitchen nice and extra long.

Now in conjunction with the side add on, which was done four years ago with about six to eight feet extra width broadening the dimensions, it all allows for a good flow from back door to utility/laundry and onto the play room, so free ranging kids can be monitored as they move safely from inside play to back garden play spaces.

Next up, a set of glazed double doors leads to the more formal mid house dining room, and another set beyond again opens to the front living room a perfect party home for easy circulation.

This latter set of double doors is in solid pine: putting some glass in would give a bit of extra daylight to the dining room in between, and another Velux or two in the sun room pine sheeted ceiling would give another lift in the luminosity stakes.

The extension hasn been done with particular architectural bells and whistles which might rapidly date it and the preponderance of varnished woods (floors, doors, kitchen units, some ceilings) makes it all the more warm looking and easy on the eye. Kitchen units are in oak, by Celtic
Michael Kors handbags Interiors, with a black granite top on a handily set island.

Its seeming warmth is more than skin deep too, as the home has been invested in, in recent times, with insulation upgrades, a new condenser boiler, it has a remote controlled gas fire in the 14 by 12 living room and that all has paid off with a good B3 BER to its credit.

In addition, this above average home has decent broadband (70mb), extra power points, many TV points, and an alarm, and currently has a wireless Sonos System for hi fi in all rooms.

Even outside, the garden BBQ area has a double socket, and the solid build shed tucked away in a corner also has power and is insulated, with a pitched, slate roof.

Externally, this handy shed is finished with fibreboard cladding, looking like lapped timber sheeting, and it has a concrete floor, workbench and lots of storage shelving to boot.

It very low maintenance as is the exterior of these Heron Wood homes, with wood grain pvc double glazing, dash and warm feature tiling on the window bay.

Back inside, the open flow main rooms are backed up by a slender play room to the front/side, which was added on around 2009, plus there a very useful utility and guest WC.

Now moving on to their third ( A rated) new family home being built elsewhere in Carrigaline, the owners came up with the extension layout themselves having lived in No 8 since 2004, and they knew best what would work for them in terms of opening up a new flow of space for use by a bustling young family, with three children belting around, aged four years and under.

It probably a testament to the amount of storage options here that No 8 presents so well in the first few days after Christmas and after Santa been and gone
replica Michael Kors handbags leaving largesse in his wake (the shed handy for storing a surfeit of post holiday recycling bags too, the Irish Examiner can testify.)

This accommodating detached four bed home, now of about 1,800 sq ft, is brought to market as a walk in job, which it really is, with new oak flooring in
discount Michael Kors the hall, as a match for the quality solid oak flooring in the open plan kitchen/dining/breakfast room, where all the day to day family living goes on.

No 8 The Oaks is within the popular Astra Construction Heron Wood scheme on the Cork side of Carrigaline and it has an unobstructed view over a green area, at the far end of a cul de sac road, with a good aspect, adds Mr O who says the back and sun room extension gets sun from early morning and right through the day.

The views from the
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet front are of lots of green space, and even the extra deep back bedroom has a side view
cheap Michael Kors of communal green.

Sales of detached homes
Michael Kors handbag outlet here in Heron Wood are relatively rare, so this one at 8 The Oaks is going to be in demand with families with active off spring in tow, looking for a safe setting close to creche, gym, surgery and with all of Carrigaline other amenities (and new schools) all to hand.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Joan Rivers’ funeral draws celeb

EDT September 7, 2014

Flowers are placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for Joan Rivers on Sept. 4.(Photo: Mark
cheap michael kors Ralston, AFP/Getty Images)

NEW YORK Joan Rivers’ funeral was "quintessential New York," Hoda Kotb told reporters.

The Today co host, Kathie Lee Gifford, Howard Stern, Donald Trump,
cheap Michael Kors handbags Kristin Chenoweth, Whoopi Goldberg, Bernadette Peters, Kelly Osbourne and Diane
cheap Michael Kors outlet Sawyer were among the stars spotted at Rivers’ funeral Sunday at Temple Emanu El on the Upper East Side.

"Today" team Kathie Lee Gifford, left, and Hoda Kotb arrive. (Photo: D Dipasupil, Getty Images)

Some mourners wore "Joan Ranger" badges star shaped
michael kors handbags outlet pins reminiscent of police badges to honor the Fashion Police star.

Diane Sawyer, who just stepped down as anchor of "ABC World News," was among the famous faces. (Photo: Craig Ruttle, AP)

The service included a eulogy by Stern and music from Audra McDonald, Hugh Jackman and the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus. Kotb said it "felt like a Broadway show with tons of humor, lots of tears, and ended with a standing ovation."

When the service was over, bagpipers streamed out of the temple and played several songs, including New
Michael Kors discounts York, New York, as guests made their exit. About 500 spectators and at least 100 members of the media lined the streets outside.

Bagpipers perform York, New York in honor of Joan Rivers. (Photo: Carly Mallenbaum, USA TODAY)

Among them was James Wheeler, 30, wearing a lively outfit as a tribute to Rivers.

"Keep it bright, keep it exciting, like she lived her life," Wheeler said. "I hope that she would like (my attire). It’s a little non traditional."

"Like her, I don’t believe in political correctness. Say what
discount Michael Kors you have to say," said Kolu Baysah. "I really didn’t come to say goodbye. She didn’t believe in goodbyes. I came to say hello."

Joan Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, and Melissa’s son, Cooper Endicott, 13, arrive for Joan Rivers’ memorial service at Temple Emanu El on Sept. 7, 2014, in New York City. Rivers died on Sept. 4 after suffering respiratory and cardiac arrest during vocal cord surgery on Aug. 28.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Hollywood Hacker Christopher Chaney Honed His Skills For Years

LOS ANGELES A federal judge sentenced
cheap Michael Kors a hacker to 10 years in prison on Monday after he broke into the personal online accounts of Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and other women and posted revealing photos and other material on the Internet. District Judge S. James Otero sentenced Christopher Chaney after hearing from a tearful Johansson in a videotaped statement.

Prosecutors said Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Fla., also targeted two women he knew, sending nude pictures of one former co worker to her father. The judge noted the damage to the women was in some ways worse than what Chaney’s celebrity victims endured.

The women, identified in court filings only
cheap Michael Kors by initials, wrote in letters to Otero that their lives have been irreparably
Michael Kors handbags outlet damaged by Chaney’s actions. One has anxiety and panic attacks; the other is depressed and paranoid. Both said Chaney was calculated, cruel and creepy.

"It’s hard to fathom the mindset of a person who would accomplish all of this," Otero said. "These types of crimes are as pernicious and serious as physical stalking."

Prosecutors were seeking six years imprisonment, but Otero said he was concerned that Chaney would not be able to control his behavior and had shown a "callous disregard" for his actions.

Chaney, who could have faced a maximum sentence of 60 years under the law, apologized in court but denied that he had sent naked photos of women he
Michael Kors handbags outlet knew to their relatives.

"I don’t know what else to say other than I’m sorry," Chaney said.

Actress and singer Renee Olstead said in court Monday that she attempted to kill herself after Chaney leaked nude photos of her. She said she had never before considered suicide.

"I just really hope this doesn’t happen to someone else," she said, crying. "You can lose everything because of the actions of a stranger."

Chaney looked up at her a
Michael Kors discounts few times as she spoke but kept his head low for most of Olstead’s statement.

Chaney will be placed on three years of supervised probation
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet when he is released and will have to
cheap Michael Kors notify officials of his online accounts. But the judge feared that wouldn’t be enough and said he wished he could sentence Chaney to lifetime supervision.

The accounts of the cybervictims served as a cautionary tale for people even major celebrities who snap personal, sometimes revealing photos.

Aguilera said in a statement issued days before the sentencing that although she knows that she’s often in the limelight, Chaney took from her some of the private moments she shares with friends.

"That feeling of security can never be given back and there is no compensation that can restore the feeling one has from such a large invasion of privacy," Aguilera said.

Prosecutors said Chaney illegally accessed the email accounts of more than 50 people in the entertainment industry between November 2010 and October 2011. Aguilera, Mila Kunis and Johansson agreed to have their identities made public with the hope the
michael kors handbags outlet move would provide awareness about online intrusion.

Some of Aguilera’s photos appeared online after Chaney sent an email from the account of her stylist, Simone Harouche, to Aguilera asking the singer for scantily clad photographs, prosecutors said.

He continued to pursue his victims after the FBI seized his computer, a factor Otero said warranted a harsher penalty.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Glutamic Acid Market Forecast Report To 2020

Increasing application in animal feed and processed food industry is expected to drive the global glutamic acid market over the next six years. Growing demand
cheap oakleys for high quality meat is anticipated to have positive impact on animal feed market, which in turn likely to drive glutamic acid market over the forecast period. Increasing consumer awareness towards high nutrition foods is expected to boost the demand for glutamic acid in near future. Apart from providing nutrition, glutamic acid improves the taste of food when added. Shifting trend toward use of tasty and healthy food is further expected to complement the
fake cheap oakleys market growth over the foreseeable period. This trend is expected to affect the global glutamic acid market positively. Glutamic acid is also used in dairy products to increase shelf life and enhance test. Increasing consumption of dairy products particularly in China and India is expected to drive the market in Asia Pacific.

North America was the key regional market in 2013 and is expected to be the leading market over the next six years. is likely to boost the
cheap fake oakleys demand for glutamic acid in the region.
fake oakleys Increasing consumption of processed
oakley sunglasses discount food coupled with growing demand for healthy food in nations such as China, India, and Japan is expected to augment the market growth in Asia Pacific region. European market for glutamic acid is expected to witness considerable growth owing to
cheap wholesale oakleys rising health concern among consumers and government norms regarding public health.

Glutamic acid is used to remove excess nitrogen from body and helps in correcting personality disorders. It is also helpful in treating mental retardation, ulcers, hypoglycemic coma, and muscular dystrophy. These advantageous factors are expected to open new opportunities for glutamic acid market in near future. Key global players operating in glutamic acid market include
cheap oakleys Changzhou Huatong Biochemical Co. Ltd., Sichuan Tongsheng Co. based market research and consulting company, registered in the State of California and headquartered in San Francisco. The company provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services. To help clients make informed business decisions, the company offers market intelligence studies ensuring relevant and fact based research across a range of industries including technology, chemicals, materials, healthcare and energy.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Should animal testing be banned completely

How many people who advocate banning animal testing have accepted medicines which have almost surely been
cheap wholesale oakleys tested on animals. It makes me very angry knowing that healthy people want something which will drastically decrease the standard of living of others.

Julius Ross, United Kingdom

A complete ban on animal testing will have very serious negative effects on medical research. I believe that developing better, more effective and safer drugs is more important than sparing a few rats.

George Savvides, A

Absolutely not. Animal experimentation
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses is a critical component in testing pharmeceuticals. Our knowledge in the supporting fields of biology, chemistry, and genetics is increasing geometrically. This is one field of human endeavor where the rewards are high, indeed critical to millions who suffer from currently untreatable disease. To pull back now, on the basis of misplaced compassion, would be to consign these millions to their deaths.

I propose that every effort be made to ensure the humane treatment of experimental

animals, and that we respect their suffering and deaths as tragically necessary toIt may not be possible to ban all animal tests quite yet, but there should be a lot more money, time and efforts going into finding alternatives. many alternatives already exist, and there must be many more which are waiting to be found. The day
fake oakleys cheap will surely come when not more experiments on animals will need to be done for human medicine. it’s hared to say there will always be alternatives for veterinary research, though it doesn’t seem quite fair to cause fit, healthy animal suffering to help already sick ones.

Even the most militant animal rights activist would have to admit one thing: if god forbid one of them had a child who became very ill, he would accept the absolute extinction of an entire animal species if it would save the life of that child. I am the father of a 2 year old son. His well being will always take precedent. I consider myself to be an animal lover but I do have my priorities. This is why animal testing, for lack of a better method, must continue (for medical research only, of course).

Precedent: Thalidomide. It was the failure to test thalidomide on pregnant rabbits which led to the misleading idea that it was a safe drug. Do we want more of that? Of course not! There should be MORE animal testing, not less.

Barry Curtis, England

Testing of such frivolous items as cosmetics on animals has always abhorred me.

With many scientists questioning the validity of animal based medical tests, I’d like to see the word ‘vivisection’ consigned to the history books for all tests for ever.

Rob Sheppard, UK

I think animal testing labs should be open for random inspection. The results, including photographic evidence should be made public. I agree that animal testing should be continued, but agree with animal rights advocates that we should not be allowed to turn a blind eye to any suffering.

John Telegdy, USA

In principle I believe that all animal testing should be banned, why should they suffer for our benefit. I can’t stand the thought of the smallest mouse let alone cats, dogs or monkeys suffering in the way that they do, let alone having to live in cages all of there short lives. However, as a health care worker I do partly understand that drugs etc have to be tested on something
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale or someone. I think stricter guidelines and policing should be put into force and maybe more human trials should be put into place. If it is banned all together, drug companies etc will either go underground or move to 3rd world countries where there are less stringent laws.

Nyky N R, Australia

Most of the
oakleys sunglasses advances in medicine and longevity over the last 20 years have come from increased awareness of hygiene and sanitation and not from lessons learned from animal experimentation. It’s time to put more money and effort into alternatives like cell cultures and computer simulated experiments.

Yvonne Lumb, USA/UK

We cannot
oakleys sunglasses afford to eliminate all animal testing because there are a lot of diseases out there that need to conquered by scientists Are you going to get humans to volunteer as guinea pigs? I don’t think so.

I believe that all areas of animal testing should now be evaluated with a view to abolishing them. Governments will need to support this but there should be an intelligent debate and an open exchange of information on the subject.

cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale Twiss, UK

Can anyone tell me why humans are more important than any other animals?

Michael Girvan, Malaysia

While we at FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) welcome the news that cosmetics testing is banned, we recognise that we are still a long way from being able to totally replace all
cheap oakleys animals in laboratories.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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reducing cancer risks and surprising uses for nicotine spray

Squeeze lemon juice on today’s Pancake Day pancakes for stronger bones.

Pancakes are made with milk, a good source of bone building calcium. If you
cheap oakleys produce too little stomach acid, however, the calcium remains insoluble and can’t be absorbed.

On average we only absorb about 30 to 50per cent of calcium from our diet this is particularly a problem as we get older because stomach acid production decreases with age.

Pouring acidic lemon juice over pancakes boosts the acidity in our gut, and so helps increase calcium absorption.

Lemon juice is also
cheap oakleys thought to stimulate enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach that can further enhance the absorption of calcium.


THE TRUTH ABOUT EXERCISE: It won’t help you stick to your diet

Studies show exercise often makes you eat more than you would normally. In a
fake oakley sunglasses cheap study at the University of Ottawa, women were invited to eat as much as they wanted after a gym session.

Those who’d done aerobics or running ate more than 90per cent of the calories they’d just burnt in the post workout meal.

In contrast, those who took leisurely exercise such as brisk walking replaced only about a third of the calories they’d used.

However, other research suggests it’s the type of exercise that determines how hungry you’ll feel. Aerobic exercise (anything that raises the heart rate) seems to keep hunger under control, while anaerobic exercise, which builds muscle, will leave you with an appetite.

In a Loughborough University study, participants who ran on a treadmill had raised levels of the hormone peptide YY, which suppresses appetite.

Dr Neil Stanley, an independent sleep expert, says: ‘Women in particular need a mattress that will support their curvier bodies, so a mattress needs to be soft enough to do this.

‘Because men’s bodies are "straighter", they are likely to get
replica oakleys on better with a firmer mattress,’ Dr Stanley adds, who admits that he his wife have separate bedrooms.

Blood test says if it’s safe to leave hospitalA cheap blood test could boost survival for heart patients after they have been in hospital. The test warns doctors which patients are likely to relapse, and which are likely to recover, according to new research.

Doctors from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, tested 241 patients for levels of a protein called NT proBNP, which is considered a marker for heart stress. In the study, reported in the American Journal Of Cardiology, levels of the protein were measured at admission and again when the patients were discharged.

If levels didn’t fall by more than half during this time, a patient was 57per cent more likely to
cheap oakley sunglasses be re admitted or die within a year.

They added that regularly checking patients with this inexpensive test could allow doctors to gauge which patients need to be closely
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale monitored or kept in hospital for further treatment.

Heart failure affects around 900,000 people in the UK, with men at greater
oakley sunglasses replica risk than women. Cooking meat at high temperatures triggers the release of compounds called heterocyclic amines. Animal studies suggest these compounds can trigger cancerous changes in the body’s cells. National Cancer Institute recommends limiting intake of fried, grilled or barbecued meats.

How a nicotine spray can ease tooth acheThe pain of a tooth extraction could be soothed with a nicotine nose spray.

New research suggests that patients who were given the spray before undergoing surgery to remove their molars experienced less pain than those given a placebo.

Twenty patients were involved in the trial by dentists at Columbia University Dental School, New York those given the real treatment had significantly less discomfort in the five days following surgery.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

El Centro de Referencia TIC participó

en el #FlashSnowTrip, un evento con el objetivo de promocionar el turismo en Sierra Nevada.

junto a un grupo de twitteros murcianos con el fin de dinamizar

12 twitteros murcianos dinamizan en redes sociales un viaje para promocionar el turismo en Sierra Nevada … ¿a que mola?

¿Sabes lo que es el crowdfunding?

Desde hace unas semanas estamos escuchando con

más frecuencia este término por las calles de Cehegín.

Ayudas Línea Info Reactiva

Instituto de Fomento de Murcia

La Consejería de Industria, Empresa e Innovación a través del Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia pone a disposición de los autónomos, emprendedores y pequeñas y medianas empresas una nueva línea de financiación por importe de 25 millones de euros procedentes del Banco Europeo de Inversiones, para financiar proyectos de inversión y

necesidades de circulante de las empresas de la Región de Murcia.


  • Autónomos
  • Emprendedores
  • Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas

Las solicitudes se realizarán en las oficinas de las entidades financieras establecidas en la Región de Murcia que se señalan a continuación: Banco Sabadell CAM, CajaMurcia BMN, Cajamar, Caja Rural Central.

Os dejamos el siguiente enlace a la web del INFO donde podéis descargar la documentación explicativa de esta línea de financiación.

Mujeres emprendedoras en sectores económicos emergentes

Os dejamos a continuación una información que nos llega desde la Organización de Mujeres Empresarias de Murcia (OMEP), dirigida a mujeres emprendedoras:

Desde la Cámara de Comercio de Murcia nos invitan a la Jornada Mujeres Emprendedoras en Sectores Económicos Emergentes, que se celebrará en el próximo viernes, 7 de junio a partir de las 9.00 h, en la Cámara de Comercio (Plaza de San Bartolomé).

En ella, además de dar algunas orientaciones convenientes para todas aquellas mujeres dispuestas a acometer un proyecto

empresarial, se realizará la presentación del programa que la Cámara de Comercio de Murcia, junto con la Fundación INCYDE y el Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, va a poner en marcha con el objetivo de dar soporte a 25 emprendedoras en la realización de su plan de empresa.

Tanto la asistencia a la jornada, como la participación en el programa, son totalmente gratuitas, siendo el aforo limitado y, por tanto, necesaria la inscripción previa.

Información e inscripciones:
Por teléfono: 968 229 410
Por correo electrónico, indicando NOMBRE, DNI y TELÉFONO DE CONTACTO a: comercio.interior@camaramurcia.es

Más información en los archivos adjuntos.


09:00 Primera parte.


Qué es la empresa

Espíritu emprendedor:
1. Capacidades de la emprendedora
2. Emprender en femenino

Sectores emergentes:
1. Presentación
2. Características
3. Sectores emergentes de alto valor, nuevas oportunidades de mercado en Murcia.

11:30 Café.

12.00 Segunda parte.

Qué es un plan de negocio

1. Aprender de los errores

2. Estructura plan de negocio

Innovación y generación de ideas

Conclusiones y cierre

Un estudio analiza las potenciales oportunidades de negocio detectadas en Cehegín

En el Centro de Referencia TIC acogimos ayer tarde la presentación de un estudio realizado por la Unión de Cooperativas de trabajo asociado de la Región de Murcia (UCOMUR) en colaboración con el INFO, sobre oportunidades de negocio detectadas en Cehegín.

En primer lugar el INFO realizó una breve presentación del Plan emprendemos de la Región de Murcia. [Aquí podéis descargar la presentación].

Y a continuación fue Juan Antonio Pedreño, presidente de UCOMUR, quien entró en materia. Nos explicó qué es una cooperativa, sus características y defendió este tipo de empresas como un modelo de empresa de futuro debido a que contribuye a la generación deriqueza, al desarrollo humano y profesional de sus socios y trabajadores, a la creación de tejido social y empresarial eficaz y solidario en la comunidad de murcia, y al desarrollo local como empresas socialmente responsables.

A continuación os dejamos un breve resumen de los puntos que consideramos más importantes. Aunque podéis tener acceso a la presentación completa en el siguiente enlace.

En el ámbito concreto de Cehegín, señaló la sobre-especialización en la industria extractiva y manufacturera y la menor especialización en el sector servicios.

En cuanto a las oportunidades detectadas en el Noroeste, se resumen en las siguientes:

- Desarrollo de la actividad turística a través de la adecuación de las infraestructuras y ofertar actividades complementarias al alojamiento.

- Acceso a nuevos mercados en sectores como el turístico y agroalimentario, como consecuencia de la ampliación de la UE y la construcción del nuevo aeropuerto internacional.

- Fomento institucional de la incorporación y uso de las nuevas tecnologías y en I+d+i.

- Mejora en la formación de empresarios y trabajadores, que permita la diversificación, mejorar la comercialización y la calidad de los productos.

- Aprovechamiento de programas de apoyo a las PYMES.

- Desarrollo de la pequeña industria.

-Fomento del atractivo turístico de los municipios: enoturismo, turismo rural, turismo de aventura,…

- Realización de procesos de mejora de infraestructuras culturales, deportivas, turísticas, rurales,…

En el caso concreto de Cehegín, el estudio señala las siguientes fortalezas:

- Es el segundo municipio con mayor concentración de empresas de la zona.

-Aumento de la proporción de la población joven.

- Alta especialización en la industria extractiva, especialmente en la extracción de mármol y de piedra.

-Alto grado de especialización en el sector agrícola, especialmente en el cultivo de olivar, almendro y viña en el secano, y albaricoque y melocotonero en regadío.

- Importante patrimonio histórico de interés cultural: pinturas

rupestres declaradas Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO.

- Riqueza paisajística: Parque Natural San Agustín, Vía Verde o Parque Ecológico, entre otros.

- Importante crecimiento de alojamientos rurales.

- Incipiente crecimiento de turistas en el municipio.

- Alberga uno de los 10 centros tecnológicos: CT del Mármol y de la Piedra.

A partir del análisis del diagnóstico y del trabajo de campo realizado han identificado el grado de desarrollo de los principales grupos de actividades económicas del Noroeste. De manera que podemos señalar algunas actividades que tienen un buen posicionamiento, como las industrias extractivas, la hostelería, el suministro de energía, eléctrica y gas, gestión de residuos, información y comunicaciones.

En cuanto a la potencialidad, las actividades destacadas son: agricultura, silvicultura, ganadería y pesca, suministro de aguas y gestión de residuos, hostelería, información y comunicaciones, y actividades sanitarias y de servicios sociales.

Para concluir, el estudio propone una serie de acciones:

1- Potenciar el turismo rural

2- Redefinir el turismo religioso y la forma de potenciarlo

3- Desarrollo del sector transporte

4- Desarrollo de actividades asistenciales (centros de día, residencias, etc.)

La Comunidad facilita a los jóvenes emprendedores el acceso a los microcréditos del programa del Injuve y Microbank

CARMHola a todos. Os reproducimos a continuación la información que nos ha llegado a través de una nota de prensa de la CARM, por si fuera de vuestro interés:

El Consejo de Gobierno ha autorizado la adhesión del Gobierno regional, a través de la Consejería de Presidencia, al convenio suscrito entre el Instituto de la Juventud del Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad y la entidad Microbank, para realizar actuaciones de promoción y apoyo a la juventud emprendedora y empresaria.

Se trata de poner en marcha el Programa de microcréditos’, que facilita el acceso a una financiación de carácter específico, a efectos del inicio, promoción y apoyo financiero de proyectos empresariales durante el año 2013.

De este modo, se habilita una línea de financiación de hasta 10 millones de euros, sin necesidad de avales, y fija que el mobile casino porcentaje máximo de la financiación será del 95 por ciento del coste total del proyecto, teniendo en cuenta en cada préstamo una cuantía máxima

de hasta 25.000 euros.

La Comunidad se incorpora a esta iniciativa a través de los Centros Locales de Empleo de los municipios de la Región, donde se atenderá, informará, orientará y asesorará a los jóvenes que soliciten ayuda financiera para sus proyectos empresariales. Los beneficiarios serán jóvenes emprendedores menores de 35 años que inicien su actividad o la hayan iniciado en un periodo inferior a tres años y presenten el plan de empresa precalificado y el Informe de Viabilidad.

Se les facilitará un modelo estandarizado de presentación y elaboración de un Plan de Empresa que recoja toda la información de su proyecto. El Centro Local de Empleo realizará una precalificación o valoración técnica del proyecto y emitirá, en su caso, el Informe de Viabilidad. También se asesorará sobre cómo tramitar y presentar ante Microbank la documentación para solicitar el microcrédito correspondiente.


Instituto de Fomento de la Región de MurciaEl Instituto de Fomento organiza el próximo 13 de mayo, dentro de su programa de píldoras formativas para emprendedores, un taller de marketing tecnológico, “NO BUSQUES CLIENTES, HAZ QUE TE ENCUENTREN”.
En esta ocasión se aprenderán las diferentes técnicas y posibilidades de marketing tecnológico que existen actualmente, que usadas adecuadamente, mejoran la presencia de la marca y los productos en Internet.

Si estáis interesados podéis obtener más información y realizar la inscripción en el

siguiente enlace:

Información e inscripción

Nueva convocatoria del prograna InnoEmpresa

Hace unos días fue publicada en el BORM la convocatoria InnoEmpresa de apoyo a la innovación para pymes y organismos intermedios. Os dejamos a continuación un post que nuestros compañeros del INFO han publicado en su blog, por si fuera de vuestro interés:


“Las empresas y organismos intermedios de la Región de Murcia interesados en incorporar la innovación a su gestión tienen una gran oportunidad en el Programa InnoEmpresa 2007-2013. La nueva convocatoria, abierta hasta el 23 de abril de 2013, ofrece ayudas para favorecer la mejora de la capacidad de innovación organizativa y gestión avanzada de la PYME así como la incorporación de diseño de producto.

La diferencia entre el Programa dirigido a pymes o dirigido a organismos intermedios reside principalmente en los costes elegibles.

En qué consiste InnoEmpresa

Este Programa ofrece una subvención a fondo perdido de entre el 30% y el 50% (según los casos que se describen más adelante) para apoyar iniciativas innovadoras.

El importe se ofrece en concepto de asesoramiento y apoyo, no pudiendo superar el máximo de 200.000€ por beneficiario en un periodo de tres años.

Se apoyarán:

- Proyectos que impliquen la adopción de nuevos modelos empresariales innovadores que supongan una mejora en diferentes áreas de la empresa, así como un incremento de la productividad.

- Diseño de producto, pudiendo incluir elementos de identidad gráfica, envase y embalaje además de comunicación siempre que se encuentren asociados al nuevo producto.

- Podrán ser beneficiarias las pymes cuya actividad se localice en la Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia y que esté comprendida entre las enumeradas en el Anexo III de la Orden (Página 15 del BORM nº68 del 23 de marzo de 2013, descargable en este enlace)

- No podrán ser beneficiarias las empresas en crisis.

Las ayudas para inversiones

- Hasta un 40% a fondo perdido para pequeñas empresas y microempresa

- Hasta un 30% a fondo perdido para medianas empresas.

- Hasta el 50% a fondo perdido para ayudas blandas (ayudas no monetarias enfocadas a asesoramiento y apoyo)

Costes elegibles

Los costes elegibles para las pymes son:

- Inversiones (licencias y servidor)

- Colaboraciones externas (consultoría)

Los costes elegibles para los organismos intermedios son:

- Inversiones (licencias y servidor)

- Gastos de personal técnico directamente relacionado con el proyecto

- Colaboraciones externas (consultoría)

- Viajes y desplazamientos

- IVA (cuando represente un gasto)

- Gastos generales

Los requisitos para ser beneficiario

- No haber iniciado el proyecto antes de la presentación de la solicitud de ayuda

- Mantener las inversiones al menos 5 años

- El proyecto debe ser técnica, económica y financieramente factible, que no constituya para la pyme solicitante una actividad permanente o periódica y que no esté relacionado con los gastos de funcionamiento normales de la misma

- Las pymes deben contar con uno o más empleados

Cómo se solicita la ayuda InnoEmpresa

- Tramitación y notificación electrónica exclusivamente (¿Qué necesito para tramitar telemáticamente?)

- Fecha de convocatoria abierta del 24 de marzo al 23 de abril

Más información en el INFO

Los técnicos del INFO están a disposición de todos aquellos interesados en recibir más información sobre el Programa InnoEmpresa. Se pueden enviar las consultas al email ayudasinfo@info.carm.es o llamar al teléfono 900 700 706″.

La empresa “Tiempo de Ayudar y Cuidar” presenta un nuevo servicio

Tiempo de Ayudar y CuidarUna de las empresas alojadas en nuestro vivero de empresas, “Tiempo de Ayudar y Cuidar” presentó ayer un nuevo servicio. Esta empresa, especializada en la ayuda a domicilio para personas mayores, presentó la campaña “Identifícame”. Consiste en ofrecer chapas con códigos QR para que las personas Tiempo de Ayudar y Cuidarque lleven esas chapas puedan ser identificadas de manera rápida y fácil.

El código QR (Quick Response), es un sistema para almacenar información, un enlace entre el mundo físico y el digital. “Lo mejor de estos códigos es que no necesitan ningún lector especial, cualquier teléfono móvil con sistema operativo puede leerlo. Primero hay que escanear el

código, seguidamente el código cargará la web y aparecerá la información”, aclaró Maria Victoria, la gerente de la empresa. El precio de la chapa y de su mantenimiento es de 20 euros.

Desde el Centro de Referencia TIC queremos dar la enhorabuena a Maria Victoria y a su equipo por el trabajo que están realizando. Para nosotros es un placer tener una empresa como ésta alojada en nuestro vivero de empresas.

La Caixa y ENISA convocan los Premios EmprendedorXXI, con una dotación de 280.000 euros

Os dejamos a continuación una noticia publicada en murciaeconomia.com, sobre la nueva edición de los Premios Emprendedor:

La Caixa abre la convocatoria de la nueva edición los Premios EmprendedorXXI, una iniciativa impulsada por La Caixa y co-otorgada por Enisa (Empresa Nacional de Innovación) que tiene el objetivo de identificar, reconocer y acompañar a las empresas innovadoras de reciente creación con mayor potencial de crecimiento en España.

Los Premios EmprendedorXXI alcanzan en 2013 su séptima edición, convertidos en una de las iniciativas de apoyo a los emprendedores más consolidadas de España. Desde su creación, en 2007, más de 2.500 empresas españolas han participado en los premios y 150 emprendedores de éxito han resultado galardonados en las diversas categorías.

En su edición de 2013, los emprendedores participantes pueden aspirar a un total de 41 premios, que valoran a las mejores empresas según su sector de actividad, su trayectoria en el mercado y los hitos alcanzados.

Como novedad, La Caixa ha decidido potenciar la dotación de los premios con la creación de un programa de acompañamiento y networking internacional para poner en contacto a los emprendedores ganadores con líderes sectoriales a nivel mundial. Entre otras actividades, este programa incluye puentes tecnológicos para conocer de primera mano los principales polos de innovación mundial: Silicon Valley y Tel Aviv.

Los premios también incluyen un ambicioso programa de formación específico para emprendedores, impartido por instituciones como la Universidad de Cambridge, IESE y ESADE, y una importante dotación económica, que se ha incrementado en la edición 2013 hasta alcanzar los 280.000 euros en conjunto.

Abierto el plazo de presentación de candidaturas
La participación en los Premios EmprendedorXXI está abierta a todas las empresas españolas con menos de siete años de actividad.

La organización ha establecido dos categorías, una dirigida a proyectos en fases iniciales con menos de 2 años en el mercado (categoría “emprendes”), y otra para empresas innovadoras ya consolidadas en su sector o con una trayectoria entre 2 y 7 años (categoría “creces”).

El plazo para enviar candidaturas en las dos categorías se abre hoy, día 12 de marzo, y se cerrará el próximo 21 de abril. Los interesados han de inscribirse a través de la página web, www.emprendedorxxi.es.

Categoría “emprendes”: premios para compañías de reciente creación
La categoría “emprendes” premia candidatos con un plan de negocio convincente, que ya hayan demostrado su potencial consiguiendo hitos relevantes en las primeras etapas de su empresa.

“Emprendes” se divide en dos fases: autonómica y estatal. Los ganadores autonómicos, que se darán a conocer entre los meses de mayo y junio, obtendrán el acceso al programa de acompañamiento y networking internacional organizado por La Caixa especialmente para emprendedores, así como la participación en el curso Ignite Fast Track, impartido por la Universidad de Cambridge, y un premio económico de 5.000 euros.

Además, estas 17 empresas ganadoras en la fase autonómica de “emprendes” competirán por el galardón estatal, dotado con 20.000 euros. Este se dará a conocer en octubre, en la gala oficial de entrega de los Premios EmprendedorXXI.

Categoría “creces”: empresas con alto potencial de crecimiento
“Creces” es la categoría para empresas ya consolidadas. El ganador de “creces” responde al perfil de una empresa con resultados relevantes, un ambicioso plan de crecimiento y un equipo con alta capacidad de gestión.

El premio establece una única fase, de ámbito estatal, pero con especialización sectorial. Por esta razón, hay tres primeros premios: uno para empresas de ciencias de la vida, otro para tecnológicas y un tercero para emprendedores relacionados con la innovación industrial y la sostenibilidad.

La presidenta de las empresarias de Murcia, próxima invitada al NE&I

Manuela Marín en el NE&I de marzoHola a todos! Esta semana tenemos una nueva edición del “Noroeste Emprende e Innova” con Manuela Marín. Será este jueves, día 7 de marzo, a las 19:30 horas.

En esta ocasión, teniendo en cuenta que el día 8 es el día de la Mujer Trabajadora, hemos querido que sea una mujer quien comparta su experiencia como emprendedora con todos nosotros. Y mejor aún siendo la Presidenta de la Organización de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionales de Murcia.

Manuela Marín es diplomada en Graduado Social, técnico superior de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, en la especialidad de seguridad en el trabajo, de ergonomía y psicosociología aplicada, y de higiene industrial. Asimismo es auditora del sistema de gestión de prevención de riesgos laborales y ha trabajado como administradora-gerente en varios servicios de prevención, además de poseer una amplia experiencia como formadora.

En la actualidad, Manuela es gerente de Altiplano Salud (http://www.altiplanosalud.com/) y de Aseform (http://aseform.com/ ), una consultora enfocada a proporcionar a las empresas asesoramiento en formación especializada, de forma que cubra las obligaciones legales y necesidades que puedan surgir a empresas, trabajadores y a cualquier persona que quiera adquirir una formación específica. Por su parte, Altiplano Salud es una policlínica ubicada en Yecla que va a abrir dos nuevas delegaciones este año en Jumilla y Murcia.

Os invitamos a todos a asistir el próximo jueves a esta charla. Como siempre la asistencia es gratuita y tendremos la ocasión de

compartir experiencias con Manuela y con todos los demás asistentes.

Es aconsejable que confirméis vuestra asistencia en el 968002060 o en info@centrodereferenciatic.es.

Además, para aquellos a los que les interese pero no podáis asistir, la charla se retransmitirá en directo por streaming desde www.centrodereferenciatic.es